Who We Are?

Center Of Excellence for Telecom Applications (CETA)

CETA is a joint collaboration between the University of California San Diego and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology. This Center aims to work in advanced scientific research in the field of telecommunications and the internet of things and to provide the operators with the latest and advanced solutions that meet the requirements of various authorities to increase the efficiency of the communication networks and Internet services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also all over the world.

The Center has a number of tracks, all of which aim at enhancing the capabilities of scientific research in telecom and wireless applications and the development of human resources in this field, in which the creation of a research environment based on a solid scientific base. All of these tracks enable Saudi researchers to participate in joint research with the university. It also allows the use of laboratories and equipments available at the university.

The center provides the right environment for the preparation of professional Saudi researchers and outstanding prospective graduate students by direct interaction between the Saudi researchers and their counterparts at the University from professors and university specialists to increase educational knowledge and gain the necessary experience.

Featured Projects

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Internet of Things

In this project, and aligning with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vision 2030, both team from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and University of California, will collect and compare the environmental information...

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Massive MIMO

Large-scale antenna systems, also known as massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, are considered one of the main technologies to improve spectral efficiency to satisfy the explosive ...

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NB-IoT Antenna

In this project, the team will develop antenna designs for narrowband Internet of Things applications that meet the needs of Internet of things applications while greatly improving reliability, which is an important pillar...

Recent Works

Low-cost Thermal Infrared Detector Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging

We present an uncooled thermal infrared detector based on SPR imaging. IR induced thermo-optic shifts in polymer-clad metal gratings are detected

Arabica: Innovative Algorithm for Arabic Text Encoding in Quick Response Code

Quick response (QR) code has been used widely in today's applications. QR code is very efficient due to its ability to increase the amount of information embedded

An Innovative Method for Text Encodation in Quick Response Code

An approach includes a method implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code tangibly embodied in a computer readable storage ...